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Approved Training Organization

When you become an Approved Training Organization, you will be able to:
  • Supply approved training to the providers in the State of Oklahoma.
  • Enter your training events in our online system.
  • Duplicate your training events.
  • Market your events in the Oklahoma online Statewide Training Calendar.
  • See a history of the training events your organization has provided.

Request to become an Approved Training Organization

How to create an individual account and link to the approved sponsor account
You will need to create an individual account on to access the organization account.  DO NOT apply for anything. You are creating the account so you can access the organization account.
Next you will link the accounts.

For questions, please contact Mike Knowles at 405-799-6383 ext. 249 or 1-888-446-7608 ext, 249.  Or you can email Mike at