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Finding Approved Infant Safe Sleep Training

To find approved infant safe sleep training, go to the Statewide Training Calendar

  • Search for training by entering the words "safe sleep" in the Keywords field.
  • Check the event description to be sure the training meets the safe sleep DHS licensing requirement. Look for the icon: DHS Safe Sleep Approved
  • If you are only interested in classroom training, under "Training Type" select “Classroom” before clicking the Search button.
  • If you are only interested in online training, under "Training Type" select “Web Based, Self-Paced” before clicking the Search button. To include webinars, click the box thats says "Web Based, with Scheduled Sessions."
  • Once you have selected a training, follow the instructions provided in the event information to enroll.
  • New events will be added on an ongoing basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Most, but NOT ALL, of the courses that come up in your search will count for the safe sleep DHS licensing requirement. When you click on "View Overview" for more information on a specific course, look for a statement at the bottom of the description that says "*This training meets the Child Care Services-Licensing requirement for safe sleep training." If it has this statement, it meets the requirement. If it does not have this statement, it has not been approved as meeting the requirement.