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CPR and First Aid

CPR and First Aid can save a life. Each set of Child Care Licensing Requirements addresses this important training. Please refer to licensing requirements for more details. Below are the approved CPR and First Aid courses for child care facilities.

All CPR and First Aid training must be successfully completed. 

Please verify that your Instructor has a current certification with the organization you choose

CPR Providers

  • American Red Cross  American Red Cross issues both Digital certificates and cards. Each certificate and card includes a unique ID and a QR code which can be confirmed to verify your certificate is valid.
  • CPR & First Aid Training Institute
    Register for CPR & First Aid Training @
    Phone: 888-261-8813
  • Emergency Care and Safety Institute  As of 1/1/17, digital cards are being issued that can be validated with Emergency Care and Safety Institute.  The front of the card has the Course completed, student's name, course completion date, and recommended renewal date.  
    The back of the card includes the Student authorization number, the education center, the education center email, the phone number, the instructor name and instructor ID #.    
  • HSI: Health and Safety Institute - Note: American Safety and Health Institute, EMS Safety Service and Medic First Aid are now all part of HSI: Health and Safety Institute
  • National Safety Council
  • Pacific Medical Training: Note: Only CPR courses with an on-site, hands-on component are approved. Be sure you send your CPR card and a copy of your in person Skills Test. 
  • ProTrainings - Note: Only CPR courses with an on-site, hands-on component are approved. Be sure you have selected an approved course before enrolling. The hands-on component trainer will be a local ProTraining trainer.

First Aid Providers