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Workforce Support Grant Updates

Cycle 1

Cycle 1 applications closed on Friday, August 12th.

Payments for Cycle 1 will begin going out in the mail October 7. Payments will be sent out in successive batches due to the high volume of approved applicants. Payment will be in the form of a debit card, which will come with detailed instructions. 

Because of the high volume of approved applications, we will not be able to look up individual payment information and exact mail dates at this time. Please check with your employer regarding whether you were included on their Cycle 1 application.

Cycle 2

Cycle 2 of the OKDHS Child Care Services Workforce Support Grant is now open. The grant is a one-time bonus for child care staff in Oklahoma. Because this is a one-time bonus, you should only apply for Cycle 2 if:

  1. You did not apply for Cycle 1, or
  2. You have additional staff to apply for—new staff or staff who were not included on your Cycle 1 application.    

We will be sending out detailed instructions for submitting your spreadsheet information for Cycle 2 of the Workforce Support Grant very soon. We hope to make the process simpler for Cycle 2, including the option to enter your data directly into an online form. You will also need to complete the online application for Cycle 2 on the Child Care Services grants website.

If you are not already signed up to receive updates from Child Care Services, we suggest you sign up for future newsletters and announcements at Oklahoma Department of Human Services (



What is it?  Bonuses for all child care staff (Staff must have a Registry ID)


When is it?  Launching July 5th 



The Workforce Support Grant is available to licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes.


Applying for the Workforce Support Grant is a 2-step process.
Step 1: Center director or family child care home provider applies online on the Child Care Services grant website (must include names of indiviual staff to receive payment).
Step 2:  Center director or family child care home provider submits required information to CECPD. 
Do you have some questions? Take a look at the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have questions on the Support Grant application process or eligibility who do I call?

If you have questions about the Workforce Support Grant, the application process, or eligibility, please call:
Grant Support -  Child Care Services
Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Phone: 405-521-6177

Or you can email:

I have questions regarding the spreadsheet requested by CECPD, who do I call?
If you have any questions regarding the CECPD information, please call 405-799-6383 Ext 273 or email us at (email prefered).
What happens after I apply for the bonus?


After you complete the DHS application (and you are approved) and send CECPD the information they requested, your payment can be processed. Processing will not begin until the cycle ends. Payment in the form of a debit card will go out approximately 6-8 weeks after the close of the cycle. 

The envelope will contain the following:
  • The debit card
  • Terms of Use
  • A pamphlet on how to use the card at ATMs and merchant locations.

You will activate your card and create a PIN   

Once the PIN is created the card is active and ready for use

Watch for this envelope.

Envelope will look like this 

Sample of the Debit Card


I don't want to use a debit card, now what?

If you do not want to use the debit card, please activate your card and create a PIN. 

  • you can go to your bank and transfer the money to any bank account
  • you can go to any TransFund ATM and cash out your card


If all of my information is up to date on the Registry, do I still have to fill out the spreadsheet?

We do still need the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has some information we do not have access to that is needed to process your payment. In addition, we need to be sure your information is current and your name matches your tax information.
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