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8.8 Learning Environments

Interest areas are thoughtfully designed and planned areas of space.  Learning is an interactive process and children learn through doing.  The environment in which children play and learn should provide them with opportunities to explore and interact with a variety of activities and materials and allow for each child’s individual temperament, moods, and development.

Current early childhood researchers agree that young children under two years should not watch television.  During this time of rapid brain development, children need activities that promote language development and brain growth such as interaction with others and hands-on activities.

Outdoor centers offer learning opportunities just as they do inside and are ideal for curriculum that is planned in response to children’s interests.  The outdoors is also a good place to provide experiences that are sometimes too messy for indoors, such as sand/water table and some art activities.

Quality learning experiences for children are enhanced by a well-planned curriculum.  Daily schedules are written timetables of events that show what is supposed to happen throughout the day.  Lesson plans are the basic plan for the day and help teachers select and prepare for activities, projects, and themes that are appropriate for the age and development of children in their care as well as organize content, materials, and methods.


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