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QRIS Resources

In this folder are resources developed, or located, to assist early care and education teachers in meeting the Stars Program quality criteria; program coaches and licensing staff can use the resources when supporting programs in implementing QRIS quality practices. Families and the public can use the resources to learn more about the best practices offered in Oklahoma’s programs, including how they benefit children, families, and the programs.

These resources include examples, templates, and information that individuals can use to help meet criteria at the various Star levels. PowerPoint slides with short video clips are also included for each QRIS criteria.

Please note that the examples and templates are meant to assist in knowing what is expected or to get started in developing items that meet the individual needs of each program; none of the resources are required for use exactly as they are here.  Feel free to use the examples and modify them to meet your unique needs.  The examples are also not exhaustive—programs may develop and use other methods to meet Stars criteria.  When questions arise as to whether something meets specific Star criteria, Child Care Services Licensing Specialists or QRIS personnel are available to assist with these questions.

The QRIS resources are organized into two major files, one for Family Child Care Homes and one for Child Care Programs.  These major files are broken into sections based on the sections of QRIS policy: OAC 340:110-8.4 Licensing Status and Compliance, 8.5 Administrative, 8.6 Director and Personnel and Primary Caregiver Qualifications, 8.7 Professional Development, 8.8 Learning and Development, 8.9 Family Partnership, 8.10 Program Evaluation for Continuous Quality Improvement, and 8.11 Additional 4 & 5 Star Criteria.

Inside each section of policy are examples, templates, and/or information related to that area of Star criteria.  


Click here for a copy of the Child Care Program Resource Book - June 2022



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