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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program?

Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement provides professional development and longevity salary supplements to child care program personnel, directors and family child care home providers working with young children in quality licensed programs. The program is designed to promote professional development, education and longevity by rewarding ongoing learning and strong stable relationships provided to children with continuity of care through a high-quality responsive workforce. The Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement program is offered statewide with funding provided by Oklahoma Human Services, Division of Child Care Services.

What is a wage supplement?

A wage supplement under the Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program is a wage supplement that is paid directly to the qualifying early care and education professional and can be spent as he/she chooses.


How is a six-month commitment period established?

A six-month commitment period is established once Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program staff approves the application. Commitment periods run mid-month to mid-month (ex: January 15 to July 14). Applications cannot be approved until all required documentation has been provided.


What type of financial reward can child care providers receive?

Participants may be eligible for up to $2,000 annually, depending on educational level achieved.

Using either scale, the amount of the supplement increases as the level of education increases.

Note: All degree(s) and credit hours must be earned at a regionally accredited college or university.


I am the Assistant Director and a Teacher, but I work in the classroom consistently 30 hours per week. Which scale will I be awarded on?

If an Assistant Director works consistently 30 hours per week in the classroom as a Teacher, he/she will be awarded on the teacher scale. If the hours are spent in administrative duties, he/she will be awarded on the director scale.


Can I be awarded on both the Teacher and Director scales?

No. You can only be on one scale.


Does my Director have to fill out the Initial Employment Verification?

No. We do not require the director to complete the initial employment verification. You will be required to submit a copy of your most recent pay stub to verify your employment.


What if I own my facility and I don't have a paystub?

Family Child Care Homes, Owner/Director's, and Owner Teacher's are not required to submit pay documentation as long as we are able to verify they are an Owner.


Do I have to accept child care subsidy to qualify for a wage supplement?

No. The program does not require subsidy. Your facility must be One Star Plus or higher to qualify.


Does my facility have to participate in Stars?

Yes. Your facility must be One Star Plus, Two Star, or Three Star.

How are wage supplements received?

All payments are contingent upon funding availability. Annual amounts are divided into two supplements. Directors, Teachers, and Family Child Care Home Providers who meet the requirements for Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program and remain eligible will receive a supplement check four (4) to six (6) weeks after the end of each six-month commitment period.

Participants will receive an email requesting a current paystub and an Initial Employment Verification form the day after your commitment period ends. Wage Supplement staff will verify that participants were eligible in their facility during the entire commitment period. 

Once approved, participants who remain in the same early care and education facility and continue to meet requirements do not need to reapply to receive future supplements.


I have submitted my application, what happens now?

You will receive an email within 30 business days to inform you if you are approved, denied, or if additional information is needed.


How can I increase the amount of my wage supplement?

Participants in the Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program may increase their supplement amounts by gaining more education and moving to a higher level on the Professional Development Ladder (PDL) or the Oklahoma Director’s Credential (ODC).

The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program offers scholarships to child care professionals who want to earn credentials or degrees in early childhood education or child development. Click here to learn more.


How is the six-month employment verified?

The six-month employment in a licensed facility is verified when a participant applies to the program and sends a copy of their most recent paystub and an initial employment verification form.


What happens if I leave my facility before my application has been approved?

You must have worked a continual six months immediately before your application and be currently working in that facility when we review your application for approval. If you are not, you will need to be employed for six months at your new facility before you can re-apply.


 What happens if I leave my facility before the end of my six-month commitment period?

If you leave your facility before your commitment period ends, you will not be eligible to receive your wage supplement. You can re-apply to the program when you have worked a continual six-months at an eligible child care facility.


Am I required to pay taxes on my salary supplements?

Yes. The wage supplement is income; therefore, participants on the Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program will receive an IRS-1099 form at the end of the year. For this reason, a current Participant Supplier Registration (PSR) form must be on file before a payment can be issued.


How do I fill out a Individual Supplier Registration (ISR) form?

Follow the steps below so that we can process your ISR form as quickly as possible

  • Supplier Information - Write your name, SSN, and address you want your check mailed to.
  • Type of Payee - Participant has been pre-selected for you.
  • Question 1: Are you related to a current OU or OUHSC Employee? Is yes, you must provide a name and relationship.
  • Question 2: If you answer yes, you must provide a retirement or termination date.
  • Direct Deposit: If you select yes that you would like to sign up or direct deposit, you must provide an email address.
  • Residency Status: Please select only ONE Residency Status. Physically sign and currently date the form.

Mail, email or fax your completed ISR form to:

Attn: Oklahoma Child Care Wage Supplement Program
1801 N. Moore Avenue
Moore, OK 73160
Fax: 405-799-7634

What if I have taken leave time in the past 6 months (this includes time off for summer break)?

If you were on leave longer than two weeks in the past six months, you would be required to make up that time. You must be employed a continual six months in an eligible facility before the date of application or the end of your commitment period.


How long will this program be available?

The program will continue as long as funding is available.


Can I qualify for a wage supplement if I was suspended from the Oklahoma Registry in the past?

Yes. If you have ever been suspended from the Oklahoma Registry, you may be eligible to apply. Please see the Fraud Policy for information.


I received an email about direct deposit, is this required?

An email from will be sent out quarterly to anyone not already enrolled to be paid electronically. The subject will be “State of Oklahoma Vendor Banking Registration”. This email contains the steps to set up Direct Deposit for your Stipend check. You must follow the required steps and submit the “Vendor EFT Enrollment Request Form 2016” to your bank for processing. This form is not submitted to CECPD. If you do not sign up, a paper check will be mailed to you.


Can my employer contact CECPD to make inquiries on my behalf?

Yes, most information can be shared with your Employer. The exception to this is anything payment related. We will not share payment related information with anyone besides the participant.





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