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Child Care Careers Caregiver Courses & CDA Subject Areas

Placement of the Training for Child Care Careers Caregiver Training Series Courses
to meet the Formal Educational Requirements of the CDA Competency Standards
(Educational Requirements: 120 clock hours of Formal Training in 5 Years)
Training for Child Care Careers' Caregiver Training Series Courses CDA Subject Areas CDA Functional Areas
Health and Safety Subject Area #1
Planning a safe, healthy learning environment.
Safe Healthy Learning Environment
  Subject Area #2
Steps to advance children's physical and intellectual development.
Physical Cognitive Communication Creative

Behavior and Guidance I

Behavior and Guidance II

Subject Area #3
Positive ways to support children's social and emotional development.
Self Social Guidance
  Subject Area #4
Strategies to establish positive relationships with families.
Daily Program for Infants and Toddlers Subject Area #5
Strategies to manage an effective program operation.
Program Management
Entry Level Child Care Training* Subject Area #6
Maintaining a commitment to professionalism.
Child Development II Subject Area #7
Observing and recording children's behavior.
Child Development I Subject Area #8
Principles of child growth and development.

Bolded items are required courses to meet CDA requirements
* ELCCT can be divided among the different subject areas in this manner -
Subject Area #1 - 7 hours, Subject Area #2 - 3 hours, Subject Area #3 - 3 hours,
Subject Area #4 - 2 hours, Subject Area #6 - 2 hours, Subject Area #7 - 3 hours

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