Center for Early Childhood Professional Development

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Approved Courses @ University of Oklahoma

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Courses

  • EDEC2203Creative Expression in Early Childhood
  • EDEC3211Laboratory Placement I
  • EDEC3221Laboratory Placement II
  • EDEC3233Family Engagement in Early Childhood Education
  • EDEC3333Social Emotional Learning and Child Guidance
  • EDEC3413Early Childhood Development
  • EDEC3513Integrated Curriculum (Birth-5)
  • EDEC3523Field Experience with Seminar
  • EDEC3533Infant-Toddler Development and Care
  • EDEC3541Field Placement I
  • EDEC3543Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education
  • EDEC3553Field Experince with Seminar
  • EDEC3563Family and Community Connections
  • EDEC3573Diverse Learners
  • EDEC4123Curriculum of Early Childhood Education
  • EDEC4513Integrated Curriculum (K-3)
  • EDEC4523Field Experience with Seminar
  • EDEC4533Assessment in Early Childhood Education
  • EDEC4543Senior Seminar in Early Childhood Education (Capstone)
  • EDLT3143Language and Literacy Development Birth through 5
  • EDLT3713Foundations of Language and Literacy Development and Assessment
  • EDLT4123Language and Literacy Development in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
  • EDMA3353PK-3 Mathematics Concepts
  • EDSP3053Understanding and Accommodating Exceptional Learners
  • HES2212First Aid

School-Age (SA) Courses Effective 1-1-2016

  • EDEL3002Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Elementary Students
  • EDEL3243Integrated Arts Education
  • EDEL4063Critical Inquiry and Integrated Instruction
  • EDEL4980Practicum in Elementary Education
  • EDLT3253Understanding and Teaching Children's Literature
  • EDLT3711Language and Literacy Practicum I
  • EDLT3911Language and Literacy Practicum
  • EDLT3913Literacy in the Primary Grades
  • EDLT4113Literacy in the Intermediate Grades
  • EDLT4713Data Driven Instruction in Language and Literacy
  • EDLT4813Literature and Writing Across the Curriculum
  • EDMA43534-8 Grade Mathematics Concepts
  • EDS4003Schools in American Cultures
  • EDSC4093Inquiry-Based Science Teaching
  • EDSC4193Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
  • EDSP4013Fundamental Academic Instructional Strategies
  • EDSP4023Assessment for Eligibility and Program Planning
  • EDSP4033Intensifying Mathematics Interventions for Students with Disabilties
  • EDSP4043Classroom Management in Special Education
  • EDSP4053Language, Literacy and Communication Strategies
  • EDSP4063Issues and Strategies in Functional Curriculum
  • EDSP4072Introductory Practicum in Special Education
  • EDSP4083Individual Behavior Supports
  • EDSP4093Transition and Self-Determination
  • EDSP4103Technology Applications and Universal Design for Learning
  • EDSP4112Advanced Practicum in Special Education
  • EDSP4134Internship in Special Education I-Elementary
  • EDSS3553Foundations to Social Studies Education
  • EDSS4323Teaching Social Studies in Elementary/Middle Schools
  • EDUC4050Teaching Experiences in the Elementary School
  • EIPT3043Learning with Educational Technologies
  • EIPT3473Learning, Development and Assessment for Teachers
  • EIPT3483Motivation and Classroom Management for Teachers
  • HES2823Introductory Nutrition
  • ILAC4003Partnerships: Working with Parents and Community
  • MUED3833Teaching Vocal/General Music 3-5
  • MUED3843Teaching Vocal/General Music 6-8
  • PSY3613Developmental Psychology: Infancy through Adolescence
  • S WK 4163Child Abuse and Neglect

Administrative/Management (ADMIN/MGMT) Courses

  • ACCT2113Fundamental Financial Accounting
  • ACCT2123Fundamental Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT3113Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT3123Intermediate Accounting II
  • B AD2091Business and Professional Basics I
  • B AD2113Introduction to Business I
  • B C2813Business Communications
  • C S1323Introduction to Computer Programming for Programmers
  • ECON1113Principles of Economics-Macro
  • ECON1123Principles of Economics-Micro
  • FIN3303Business Finance
  • H R3013Introduction to Human Relations
  • LSAL2283Understanding Management
  • LSAL3113Leadership in Organizations
  • LSAL3173Goal Setting and Attainment
  • LSAL4163Non-Profit Management
  • MGT2013Introduction to Management
  • MGT3013Principles of Organization and Management
  • MGT3123Supervision Skills
  • MGT3133Leadership
  • MGT3363Organizational Behavior
  • MGT3513Human Resource Management Practice
  • MKT2013Introduction to Marketing
  • MKT3013Principles of Marketing
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